Best Scooter Helmets For Kids of 2018 & Buying Guide

If your child is displaying an interest in riding a scooter, then you’ve got some homework to do. Scooters can be fast, exciting, and – like any wheeled vehicle or toy – dangerous.

It’s important to take care of the necessary safety precautions before making a purchase, and one of – if not the most important of these is getting a good helmet.

Knee pads, elbow pads, lights and bright clothes are also very important, but when it comes down to it, a helmet stops your kid from potentially cracking open their head! Falls are more likely to occur than them getting hit by a car at night, and they can happen anytime, so helmets should always take priority.

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  • Skater-style helmets have the outer layer glued to the softer inner layer which allows for more ventilation systems, as well as enhancing the overall strength of the helmet. These are the best helmets for surviving a lot of impacts.
  • Lower-end hardshell helmets have a thin layer taped to the softer inner layer. These helmets aren’t known for being durable as they break easily and should only be used for people doing very light riding.
  • Sometimes big-headed children must use a helmet from the 5+ group even if they’re underage. This isn’t an issue – the most important thing is a tight fit.
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Best Scooter Helmets For Kids Reviews

1. Melon Decent Double Urban Active Helmet Review

This is a great helmet that boasts quite a lot of impressive design technology. To start, it uses a special form of in-mold construction to ensure maximum comfort and minimal weight – it weighs 30% less than the average in mold helmet on the market.

It’s got twelve air ventilation inlets that keep your kid’s head cool, as well as air channels that help funnel this air throughout the helmet. It’s got a soft buckle, further enhancing comfort. The pads are made from hygiene-oriented Coolmax paddings, which are great for absorbing sweat moisture and channeling it away from your child’s head.

This helmet comes in three sizes, each of which is further adjustable by straps and buckles.


  • Highly adjustable and made in different sizes
  • Very comfortable with a lot of air vents
  • Soft buckles
  • Moisture-eliminating padding system keeps your kids cool


  • Pricy for a helmet

2. Lazer Helmets PNut Bike Helmet – Kids Review

This is a beautifully designed helmet that certainly won’t leave your child feeling insecure about wearing it in public.

It’s also very comfortable, using Fontanelle padding on the top with a specifically designed no-pinch Magic buckle to ensure that your child doesn’t hurt themselves while equipping it. It has sixteen air vents that allow a maximum flow of air without affecting the quality and sturdiness of the helmet.

The AutoFit system included makes it easy to fit to your child’s head, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to further adjust it with the provided straps.


  • Vey comfortable and extremely good air ventilation to minimize sweating and overheating
  • Magic buckle prevents pinching
  • AutoFit system makes fitting it to your child’s head easy
  • Stylish design


  • Not a MIPS version

3. Kali Protectives Chakra Child Helmet – Kids’Review

This is another good option for children’s helmets and one of the most affordable models that you can buy. Unfortunately this does come with its drawbacks.

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It has an impressive 21 air vents that circulate cool air easily to all parts of your child’s head. It’s also got a built-in visor to eliminate any unwanted sunlight, and hygiene-oriented padding that absorb sweat and moisture while preventing the growth of pests or microbes.

The helmet is very light but unfortunately only comes in one size. It’s adjustable with its straps but the Dual-fit system doesn’t assure that it can easily be fit on every head size or shape. It’s certified with the CPSC but only carries EN certification, so while it’s considered dual-certified, it’s not up to the American standard.


  • Very affordable model
  • Impressive air circulation keeps your kid cool even in the summer heat
  • Has a visor built in
  • Antimicrobial pads keep things clean and comfortable


  • Not very adjustable
  • Dual certification only includes EN standards

4. Vihir Multi-Sport Skate Bike Helmet for Kids and Adults Review

This is one of the best helmets on the market.  It’s got an ABS outer shell and an EBS inner shell that combine to create a comfortable wearing environment, while surviving the many durability and strength tests that the company performed on the helmet.

The helmet’s easy to use and comes with an adjustable ring that changes the tightness around the head, meaning it can be used on kids of many different sizes. This means also that you can keep this helmet without needing to replace it as your child grows up.

It’s got eleven air vents that Vihir claims are scientifically placed throughout the helmet to ensure maximum ventilation. It also uses wicking moisture pads that prevent a buildup of sweat and reduce humidity.

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It’s dual-certified with EN quality, so while it’s certified for bikes and light sports in the States, it’s not qualified for use with skateboards.


  • Very adjustable and can fit different head sides
  • Very comfortable – combination of wick foam and air vents make it breathable
  • Scientific design backed by studies
  • An easily affordable model
  • Easy to use despite its large number of features
  • Can be used throughout childhood and into adulthood


  • Only meets the European dual-certification standards
  • No design style – the helmet’s pure black (which could be good for some people)

So which one’s the best?

We’re going to throw our votes to the Vihir Multi-Sport Helmet for quite a few reasons, not the least of which being that it’s pretty cheap despite having a comparable amount of features to the most expensive helmets on the market.

It has an adjustable ring that allows it to be fit to different head shapes and sizes – oftentimes, people with odd-shaped heads have to find a specific shaped helmet. Not with Vihir.

It may not have as many air vents as other models but Vihir claims that their air vents are placed according to scientific evaluation and provide maximum ventilation. The helmet also uses moisture-reducing padding to enhance comfort.

The best thing about this helmet is that you can adjust it so you can continue to use it as your child grows into adulthood, or that you can share it with your child without having to purchase a second helmet (if you’re riding separately.)

For the money, this is definitely the best buy!