Best Baby Cribs of 2018 & Buying Guide

Maybe you’re a new mother or maybe you have a baby on the way, or maybe you’re a husband who’s helping ease your wife’s stress by trying to find a crib. Either way, there’s no question that you’re going to want to buy a quality piece of furniture for your baby to live in!

There’s a lot of different types of cribs on the market – twin cribs, cradles, convertibles – and it can be difficult to assess what kind you want and which kind will suit you and your baby’s needs the most. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to research the bonuses and drawbacks of each type of crib. Using that knowledge we’ve helped to determine what the best overall cribs available on the market today are.

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What makes a crib a good buy?

There’s a lot of different things to consider when buying a crib, and a lot of the time, the most important statistics aren’t included on the label or tag. Fortunately, a caring parent like yourself is going to do the necessary research online, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

When buying a  crib safety is obviously the primary concern – you don’t want you or your baby to get hurt, do you? To ensure that your crib is a good buy you’re going to want to ensure that the crib meets safety requirements.

The most important safety considerations are:

  • Avoid any cribs with drop sides. These have actually been made illegal a few years ago because there were too many deaths associated with the use of drop cribs, but this doesn’t mean that somebody can’t offer you an old used one. If this is the case, turn them down and find something else.
  • Don’t get a crib with bumpers. While it may seem appealing to have some padded bottom liners on the bottom of your crib, many organizations are proving that they are, in fact, dangerous. The legislation is on the way to make sure that cribs with bumpers are no longer manufactured.
  • The stability of your crib is extremely important. Sometimes lower-end cribs are made with shoddy construction. You can test this by simply pushing your crib – if it’s wobbly ten you can tell it’s not made with good handwork.
    • Measure the distance in between the grates on your crib. If they’re much bigger than 2.75 inches then they’re too big and can pose health hazards.
  • If you’re buying a used crib that has chipped paint, you might be getting sold a unit that’s much older than the seller is suggesting. This can be a surefire clue that you’re getting something old.
  • Don’t buy or use decorations on your crib. Any ribbons, danglies, or little bits hanging off your crib are a prime opportunity for your baby to injure itself.

Once you’re certain that you’re going to have a safe crib, consider the rest of the features or choices you can make.

Things to look for before making a purchase

There’s a lot of things to consider when buying a crib that can make or break the deal for you. Depending on your current housing situation, your baby, and your own personal preferences, some cribs will work and others just won’t.

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Consider the space requirements. If you live in a small home or don’t have a lot of room to post your crib in, then getting a large one is naturally not going to be an option. This also means that your baby is going to have minimal sleeping room – a compromise you might have to deal with.

Consider what mattress you wantThe two main kinds are innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. Foam mattresses carry minimal risk of injury, as well as tending to be less dense than innerspring mattresses. Mattresses with springs tend to be much more durable than foam ones though.

Consider the versatility of your crib. Some are made adjustable so they can be converted to a different size if you have another baby. Others, like convertible cribs, are meant to be turned into other pieces of furniture once your infant outgrows it.

  • The adjustability of the height of the crib is also an important factor, especially if you’re a shorter parent or plan to share the care of your child with your husband or another friend or family member.

Choosing a crib based on budget

There are many cribs available and most of them fit into one of a few categories.

Budget or economic cribs are the cheaper option and often that means that the construction work is going to be compromised. There are budget options that can still hold together nicely, but you’re more likely to find a crib with a less than sturdy construction.

Medium range cribs are going to naturally be more well-put-together than budget cribs. However, they won’t come with many of the features that you can find in higher priced cribs. Fortunately, having a lot of features built into your crib is often considered a detriment instead of a bonus.

Luxury or high price cribs are made with quality materials and handwork. This means they’re the least likely to break and will last you the longest. Some of them come with additional bonuses or features that can be tailored toy our personal preferences. A lot of these features, however, aren’t necessary and have actually been shown to improve the chance of your baby being injured. While getting a simple luxury crib can ensure that you’ll keep it around for many years to come, buying one loaded with bells and whistles probably isn’t necessary.

Getting a good mattress

It’s a good idea to buy the mattress the same time that you buy your crib. This way, if you’re buying online, you can return the mattress if it doesn’t fit. If you’re buying at a retail outlet then this means you can test the mattress before you actually make a purchase.

  • The mattress should fit snugly without leaving any gaps in between it and the grates of the crib.
  • It shouldn’t be jammed in so tightly that the edges rise or there are any bits of mattress sticking out between the slats of the crib.
  • Some people worry about their mattress being too firm but studies have shown this isn’t needed to be a huge source of worry. A firm mattress actually helps your baby’s spine develop into a healthy, functional way.
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So what baby crib is the best?

Ultimately the choice is up to you, but it’s going to require that you pay careful attention to all of the things we’ve mentioned here.the safety of your baby is nothing to be compromised, and you should make sure that you’re nothing less than meticulous in determining what the best possible choice for your baby’s crib is going to be.

Fortunately, we’ve taken the liberty to search through a lot of different baby cribs. After doing so, we’ve determined which one is going to be the best average crib for the average nursing mother, as well as a few others which are top choices for new parents.

Best Baby Cribs Reviews

1. Pottery Barn’s Convertible Kids Kendall Crib Review

In addition to having a whopping name, this crib comes with a lot of cool features that are sure to entice a new parent. It’s Pottery Barn’s bestselling crib, which says something because the brand has been in the furniture game for quite some time.

First off, the side rails are a bit lower than usual without compromising the safety of your baby. This also makes it a good option for moms who are a bit vertically challenged.

It also qualifies for Pottery Barn’s special home delivery system, which means you can have this crib delivered to your doorstep without a whole lot of hassle. Plus that guarantee means they’ll set it up for you.


  • Solid crib that won’t fall apart anytime soon
  • The bestselling unit of a very well-known brand
  • Has low edges to make it easy to access your child
  • The mattress has adjustable settings


  • Not a convertible bed
  • No underneath storage

2. Da Vinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

This particular crib is made out of highly reliable, sturdy pine wood from New Zealand. It’s available in several different colors which means that you can choose a color that suits the Feng Shui of your house.

Despite these benefits, it’s an affordable crib, and it also comes with some extra features – that’s right, it’s convertibility.  It converts from a  regular baby crib to a toddler bed, and after that can continue to be expanded into a daybed and finally into a full-size bed. That means you can keep this single crib with you for many years as your toddler grows without having to buy separate pieces of furniture.


  • Convertible bed that has enough options to keep it with you through your child’s growth
  • Comes in enough colors to suit everyone
  • Very durable made with solid wood
  • A very good, and impressive crib, for its price


  • Requires a separate conversion kit for its full conversion capability to be unlocked
  • The sides are a bit higher than average which makes things uncomfortable to reach in.

3. Stokke Sleepi Crib Review

This crib might be on the more expensive side of things, but that’s not without reason. It’s made with sturdy and reliable European craftsmanship that can assure you won’t have to replace the unit before your child grows out of it.

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On top of that, it’s also a convertible crib that changes into a toddler’s bed – simply, too. All you have to do is remove one of the front panels.

It’s a uniquely shaped but somehow aesthetically enticing crib that ensures you won’t be paying for a single part of it that won’t benefit you.


  • Sturdy and reliable materials ensure that you get your money’s worth
  • A convertible bed that can be changed into different pieces of furniture as your toddler grows
  • Appealing design makes it look good in your home


  • The mattress is sold separately and requires an extra purchase
  • Need to get custom fitted sheets

4. Dream-on-me Convertible 4-in-1 Crib Review

This is another affordable option that happens to have a number of color options available for you to choose from. This means that its aesthetic value is much higher than that of other cribs that may only be available in a single color.

On top of the impeccable color choice, since this crib is a convertible, it will be able to be continually adjusted to follow your child as it grows from infancy into early childhood. On top of being convertible, the height of the mattress is adjustable so while your infant is too young for you to change the shape of the whole unit, but too old for it to be comfortable in the youngest version, you can lower the mattress to compensate.


  • The crib is very affordable
  • Comes in a variety of different colors to suit different furniture preferences
  • A convertible crib that’s easily adjustable
  • The mattress is easily raised or lowered to suit your child


  • May require some additional maintenance

So which one’s the best?

Since we have to make our decision based on the average balance between features, structure, and price, our decision may not hold true for everyone. For the average parent, though,  the Da Vinci Convertible Crib is clearly the best option.

In terms of appearance, it comes in more colors than any crib on the list and is made with beautiful wood. It’s easily adjustable and can follow you and your baby from infancy up until early childhood.

On top of that, the crib is the cheapest one available on this list. You’re getting a good price, good physical appearance, and good durability all without making a dent in your wallet.

If budget or physical space isn’t an issue for you or your family, there may be better options available, but for this list, Da Vinci takes the cake. Hopefully, our research has allowed you to make a great decision in regards to what crib you purchase for your baby!