Best Convertible Baby Crib of 2018 & Buying Guide

First off, congratulations on having your new baby (or getting ready to have one!) That’s an exciting time in your life and it means you’re going to get to try and experience a lot of new things!

One of the things a new parent has to consider is what kind of crib they’re going to buy for their baby or babies. There’s a lot of different choices – twin cribs for if you have more than one baby, regular cribs, low-rail cribs, you name it. But what if you don’t want to just buy a crib and have it become a useless ornament afterwards?

That’s what convertible cribs are for. They’re cribs that can be changed into different pieces of furniture once your baby outgrows them! We’re going to discuss the benefits of convertible cribs today and hope that we can help you make the best decision as to whether or not you want to purchase one.

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  • Twin beds use the front and back panels of the crib to turn into a full-sized headboard and footboard that can be used as a twin bed. You may need to buy a separate mattress


Best Convertible Baby Crib Reviews

1. Da Vinci Kalani 4-in-1 Crib Review

This crib has shown up already twice in our different lists of the best cribs you can buy! That’s probably because Da Vinci is one of the most popular brands in regards to baby furniture in North America.

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This mattress is interesting because using the included conversion kit, you don’t have to worry about buying a new mattress throughout the conversion. Speaking of the conversions, this crib can be turned into a day bed, a twin bed, and a full-sized bed with a headboard. Talk about getting bang for your buck!

The bed also comes with a 500-pound weight limit which, most likely, your child won’t reach. This means if you want you can easily sleep two people on the mattress! Da Vinci is also known for providing some of the cheapest baby furniture on the market, so this bed isn’t going to run you a whole lot more than just buying a crib.


  • Easy conversion into four separate units of furniture
  • Can be used throughout childhood and even into early adulthood
  • Great price for such a versatile crib
  • Reliable construction


  • Requires that you buy a separate conversion kit

2. Dream on Me Violet 7-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

This is both one of the most budget-friendly options on the market as well as one of the most versatile – how often do you see a 7-in-1 advertised?

You can start it as a crib, turn it into a toddler bed (though you need to buy an additional guard rail) or raise the mattress a bit and turn it into a daybed. It can be turned into a youth bed for when your kid gets into school age and then again converted into a full sized bed.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy a separate conversion kit to make these changes. However when you consider the fact that you won’t have to buy a new bed for your kid up until it reaches teenagehood, you’re getting good value – heck, your teenager can even take this with them as a full sized bed when they move out into adulthood.

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  • Extremely adjustable
  • Meets safety standards
  • Has a good design and is aesthetically pleasing
  • Will save you money in the long run while not being an overly expensive purchase


  • Requires a separate conversion kit
  • Some customers report defective units

3. Graco Benton Convertible Bed Review

This is another product offered by a brand that’s known for being extremely reliable. They make quality baby furniture and have been well-regarded for many years.

This product lives up to their hype. It comes with a very simple design, making it both timeless (you won’t have to worry about it going out of style) and easy to merge with almost any design or interior aesthetics that you already have set up.

The crib is usable on newborns all the way into their youth. The mattress has four heights that it can be adjusted to for easy conversions. This also means you can lower it if your toddler grows high enough to be able to reach out of the crib.

This crib makes use of very strong and sturdy parts so durability isn’t a concern – in fact, it will almost guaranteed last you all through your kid’s early life.

One downside to this crib is that there’s minimal storage space underneath. Most cribs are elevated enough off the ground that you can put things underneath but in this case, it might be a good idea to buy a separate dresser or something to store your baby accessories in. other than that, this is a great option.


  • Easy conversions and an adjustable mattress size make this extremely versatile
  • Can be used for many years
  • Made of strong and reliable materials that won’t break
  • Simple design makes it appealing in all sorts of interior decoration styles


  • Not much space included under the crib so you’ll need to buy separate storage

4. Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Review

This is one of the sturdiest cribs on the market right now. It’s made from very durable materials that can withstand a lot of weight and a lot of use – but unfortunately, this makes the crib itself very heavy. This can make conversions take a fair bit of effort, as well as making it a bit difficult to transport.

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It’s also a bit more expensive than other models, but that comes with the assurance of not having to buy a new crib anytime soon, and not having to worry about this one posing a safety hazard from shoddy construction.

It converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed to a full sized bed with relatively easy conversion for each piece. The conversion kit comes with instructions so setup is simple as long as you follow them.


  • Easy conversions
  • Durable material
  • Comes with a conversion kit


  • Very heavy

So which is the best?

As far as we’re concerned, the Da Vinci 4-in-1 wins this round (again.)

It may require an additional conversion kit, but it’s durability and style make it a winning option. On top of that, it’s made by a brand that’s known for being reliable and affordable. You’ll be saving money and ensuring your child has something sturdy up until its teenagehood.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you make a good decision today and you have a good buying experience.