Best Cribs For Short Moms of 2018 & Buying Guide

Buying a crib can be a bit of an ordeal – you need to make sure that you find one that appeals to your choice of style, that’s made of materials that will last throughout the time your baby uses it, and one that works with your size. That applies to every new parent – but short moms have a whole different hurdle to deal with.

A lot of baby cribs are made with the assumption that the person buying them will be of average or taller height. This is simply not the case! Short people are certainly around, and they certainly have babies. Unfortunately, the market for baby cribs doesn’t appeal to these mothers, so buying a crib that’s easy to use for a short mother can be a bit difficult.

To prevent you from having to search from store to store in hopes of finding a crib that suits your short stature, we’ve looked at some of the best cribs for short moms that are available today. This means that you can call ahead of time and see if a particular store stocks what you want, or you can simply order them online!

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What does a short mom do when her crib’s too big?

Sometimes it’s just not the best option for someone to go buy a step stool to support themselves so they can reach their babies. There are a couple main reasons for this, even though it’s often the initial suggestion that one makes when they realize their cribs are too tall for them to easily access.

  • Stools can pose a health or safety hazard. If they kick out from underneath you while you’re holding your baby, you could both be in for a world of injury. Even without your baby in hand, you still risk injuring yourself.
  • Buying a step stool means that you have to buy two separate things just to have good access to your baby. If you get a shorter crib then you can get both birds down with one stone.

Cribs are a more difficult purchase to make since 2010 when it became illegal to sell drop side cribs in America. This means that short women are going to have a difficult time finding an appropriate crib to purchase.

There are other solutions as well, but we don’t particularly recommend.

  • You can simply hack the legs off your crib and shorten them yourself. This is a big process and also requires that you’ve already bought a crib, so this is not ideal for people who haven’t yet purchased a crib and are planning to.
    • You have to make sure that the legs aren’t integral to the support of your crib, which can lead to problems and actually end up destroying your crib if you measure them wrong
    • This can also pose health hazards because you might have your crib topple over on to you
  • You can expand the mattress height. This means that your baby will be resting higher from the floor of the crib and will be easier to reach – again this requires that you’ve already purchased a crib that is too tall for you.
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The best option for all sorts of short moms, whether or not they’ve already chosen to buy a crib? Buy a height-specific crib that’s intended for mothers who are a little bit vertically challenged.

What makes a crib good for short moms?

Of course, initially, the most important factor is the height of the crib. This is the main obstacle between a short mother and easy access to her baby.

Avoid getting swing down cribs. It may give the illusion that most swing down cribs are shorter but the actual height required to unlatch and move – most – of the crib gates are still just as high as you’d find on a regular crib.

There are a lot of things that make or break the crib-buying deal. Let`s take a look at the things you should watch out for when buying a crib for your short needs.


Cribs aren’t meant to be a complex procedure and they shouldn’t have a million bells and whistles attached to them unless they’re absolutely vital to the benefit of you and your baby.

  • Simple designs mean that there are fewer details or things for you baby’s clothes to get caught on. A simple snag could lead to a serious injury and that’s something you’re going to want to avoid.
  • This is also why drop side cribs have been made illegal – they were associated with at least 32 deaths in the United States

Buying a new crib

It’s important that you buy your crib from a new factory outlet, unless you’re getting it from a trusted friend who can assure you that it’s not going to fall apart and that it meets safety standards.

  • Old models might not meet current safety standards, despite what your friend or colleague may say. Newer standards are developed to ensure that injuries are minimized.
  • Make sure to measure your crib, whether you’re buying it in a store or if you’ve just had it shipped to your house. If the spaces between the slats measure much more than two and ⅜ of an inch, they’re too big and could pose safety hazards.
  • Check for construction deficits and make sure that the make of the crib is sturdy, safe, and won’t fall apart. Make sure there’s no sharp edges or loose bits.

It’s a good idea to buy the mattress at the same time you’re buying the crib so you can compare the relative height and decide whether or not you think your baby will be comfortable in the crib.

  • Mattresses are legally required to be 27.5 inches wide and at least 51 ⅝ long. They’re also not supposed to be more than six inches thick, which eliminates the option of being able to buy a really thick mattress to support your baby.

Making the best decision when buying a crib for a short mom

There are a lot of things to check, a lot of measurements to make, and a lot of potential safety hazards that need to be addressed before buying a mattress. This can take a long time for an individual, and there’s probably not going to be that many cribs that meet all of your personal specifications.

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That’s why we’re here. We’ve told you what makes a good crib, and using that knowledge we’ve been able to search through some of the best contenders in the short crib game. If you’re a short mother who’s been having trouble finding the perfect crib for you and your baby, read on, because we’ve already found out for you.

Best Cribs For Short Moms Reviews

1. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib Review

This crib also made our top 5 list for cribs that are great for twins, so to see it appear twice on our list is an assurance that this is a quality crib.

The main bonus in terms of short moms that this crib provides is the fact that the sides are quite short. You won’t need a stool and you won’t be at risk of hurting your back by leaning too far into the crib. The rail is less than three feet tall – ample room to keep your baby safe, while short enough to keep you from hurting yourself!

On top of this, the Delta 4-in-1 has a few added bonuses. It isn’t just a crib, it can be modified into different pieces of furniture as your baby grows. It can be converted into a full-size toddler bed, and also a smaller bed with raised rims to keep your baby safe during that period between infancy and toddlerhood.

It’s made to last with strong materials and good construction.


  • Adjustable mattress height can suit all sorts of babies
  • It’s made from strong materials
  • It can be converted into new furniture to compensate for the growth of your child


  • While the make and structure is good, the paint has a tendency to chip which, if not carefully monitored, can injure your baby

2. Dream-on-Me 4-in-1 Aden Convertible Crib Review

There’s a lot of awesome things about the Dream-on-Me Convertible Crib, not the least of which is that its boundaries are short enough to allow even the shortest moms to reach their baby without much trouble.

It’s made of lightweight material and can be easily transported from place to place without much trouble. In addition to being light and easy to move, it’s a convertible crib – that means it can be changed and adjusted in accordance to your baby’s growth.

This crib in particular converts into a twin baby bed and a regular daybed. This prevents you from having to buy additional baby furniture to coincide wish the growth of your infant. Despite that, it still comes at a fantastic price.


  • Comes in several different colours for preference and aesthetics
  • Is easily adjustable for people who plan to use this throughout their children’s growth
  • Is a really affordable model considering its use
  • Is very light and easy to move


  • Some might find it too small, but for a short mom this is alright
  • The paint might flake easily

3. Babyletto 3-in-1 Crib with Toddler Rail Review

This is a very convenient bed for short moms, not just because the height of the rail makes it easy to access your child.

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It’s a convertible crib, like the previous entries. This one in articular converts into both a daybed and a toddler’s bed, so you can keep the same crib throughout your baby’s growth. This is good for you – you can save money and time – and good for your toddler, who can remain with a comfortable sleeping unit for most of his childhood.

One of the most important benefits of this crib is that it comes with its own conversion kit. That means you don’t have to waste a bunch of time finding screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers so you can put the thing together again once your child has outgrown it.


  • Certified Greenguard Gold – this means that there are no traces of over 10,000 chemicals that the Greenguard tests for during their certification process
  • The device is strong, sturdy and stable
  • It’s easy to put together and convert from point to point


  • It’s a pretty big unit – moms wish little space in their houses should reconsider
  • You have to tighten the screws regularly

4. Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Playhouse Review

This crib takes the cake in terms of portability and convertibility. One probably wonders what separates a convertible crib from the others – so, read on.

This travel crib is completely capable of being easily folded into a backpack that you can wear. There are other convertible cribs that collapse easily and can be put into a carrying bag, but as far as we know, there aren’t many (any?) that can be collapsed directly into a backpack.

There’s a slide door that you can open and close for easy access to your baby. This eliminates the height problem! You can also turn it into a play yard with this feature.


  • Has a breathable and flexible mesh that allows your baby to easily breathe
  • It’s easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to collapse into a backpack which is easy to carry
  • Takes up minimal space in your house


  • The zipper isn’t the strongest and caution must be taken in order to ensure you don’t break it
  • The mesh material needs to be carefully watched so no tears or rips occur

So which one’s the best?

As far as we’re concerned, the Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Playhouse is the best option for new (and short) mothers. It’s easily adjustable and can be converted into a backpack for easy transportation. On top of that, it’s low cost, made from durable material, and completely eliminates the issue of having to reach over a barrier to reach your baby.

This product may not be convertible into a bed for your toddler as it grows up, but it’s certainly going to remain a viable play option – what toddler doesn’t like having its own space to fool around in?

On top of all that, it’s affordable and guaranteed to be long lasting. Hopefully, we’ve helped you make a good decision in regards of what kind of crib you’ll be buying!