Best Ride on Toy For 2 Year Old of 2018 & Buying guide

Congratulations on having a child! If your child is approaching their second year, that means that they’re starting to learn the finer aspects of mobility – they might be walking by now, and they might be eager to learn more methods of movement!

There are a lot of toys available on the market that are great for teaching kids how to improve their dexterity, and it can be difficult to decide on what to buy for your kid. 

Ultimately the decision rests upon you and your child – what toy suits them best, and what do you want them to learn?

We’re here to help point out the differences between ride-on toys for your little kid and help you make a decision that will benefit the both of you for the long-run.

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Choosing a safe ride-on toy for your kid

It doesn’t matter what sort of ride-on toy you’re going to be buying your little guy or girl – the most important factor is that you know it’s safe. There are some general safety tips and tactics that can be used to determine whether or not the product you’re thinking about buying is safe.

Check for included safety features

A lot of products advertise the safety features that they provide alongside their product. These can include

  • Not all toys need to have brakes, some move slow enough that they decelerate before they pose a threat to your child. If you’re buying a bike, you should make sure there’s some sort of front or rear-wheel brakes included.
  • Battery-operated toys should have a safely isolated battery box that conceals any electronic components

Make sure that whatever device you’re thinking about is stable and won’t tip when your tyke is riding it (at least, not easily.) You can do so by giving it a test push at the store – not all ride-on toys will be able to withstand this but you can get a good idea how stable it will be.

  • Most toys include a weight limit on the packaging or on the tag. Consider your child’s weight and how long you want them to be using this product – if they’re going to use it throughout childhood as they grow up,
  • They should also include a height limit – likewise, seek to get something that can hold a kid taller than your own

Consider additional safety features

A lot of ride on toys are built with safety in mind but they simply can’t include every safety mechanism that’s recommended. This wouldn’t be practical because not everyone who needs a toy wants every bell or whistle that could possibly be attached to it.

  • Lights are always a good idea for kids who are going to be riding in the dark. Some toys come with built in LED lights that eliminate the need for purchasing a separate attachable light
  • For those who won’t opt for a light, consider getting your kid bright clothing such as a reflective safety vest for improved visibility
  • Water bottle holsters are another great suggestion, especially in the warmer summer months. They allow your child to carry water with them anywhere they go and not have to worry about stopping for hydration. This also helps instill good hydration habits.
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What kind of ride-on toys are available for 2-year olds?

There are a lot of different toys available and many of them share common features. Before you decide on which type of toy you want, make sure you decide on the following:

Battery powered versus kid-powered toys

Most ride on toys are powered by one of two mechanisms – the effort your child puts in, or a battery and a motor. Both are appropriate options for different types of children – if you’re concerned about your child getting exercise you’ll probably want to avoid getting a battery powered toy.

What do you want you and your kid to get out of the toy?

Balance is one of the things that ride-on toys help to improve the best. Whether they’re mobile or not, anything that your child will be perched atop will help them improve their balance and coordination.

Exercise is another great benefit of ride-on toys (though some, like rocking horses, aren’t particularly exhausting.) If you find a toy your child really enjoys then they’ll be more than happy to use it often.

Imagination! Play is not just a leisurely experience for children, it’s actually imperative to the formation of a healthy mind and social understanding. Playing, especially with other kids, gives your child an opportunity to better understand their place and their ability to contribute to others. Without proper play time, your child won’t be able to healthily develop their imagination, creativity, social skills and personal identity.

Different toys for different ages

Starting from the youngest ages of one to two years old you’ll see that the average toy is intended for a different age group.

  • Rocking horses and other rocking toys are meant for the youngest children between a year and two years old. They can be used by older kids as well – they only require that your children be strong enough and coordinated enough to push off with their feet.
  • Foot-powered toys like those orange and yellow mini-cars that are so iconic of childhood, are often meant for younger kids between one and three years old. Some are open ended, like scooters; others have your kid’s feet poking out from the bottom, like those cars.
  • Pedal toys are different than bikes but are still more complex and require more coordination than foot-powered or rocking toys. These could include light tricycles or a bike with training wheels, and they allow your child to vastly improve their balance and coordination skills. Suitable for kids around two to five years old.
  • Battery powered toys are another great option for kids of at least two years old. Their speed is a large contributor to what age group they’re intended for – putting a two year old on a battery powered scooter that goes 25 MPH is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Bikes are generally recommended for kids who are at least five, as they require the most concentration, coordination and dexterity to use. There are bikes with training wheels available for younger toddlers, though. Bikes are more dangerous than other toys -they’re also fairly easy to make mistakes on if your child hasn’t developed the necessary range of motion from using the previous toys.
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So what are the best ride-on toys for 2 year olds?

Well what we’ve listed are the best types of toys for two year olds, but now we’ll give you a few examples of what the best models of each type are. This saves you from having to go from store to store in a seemingly endless search for the perfect toy for your kid.

Best rocking toys for two year olds

Rocking toys allow your kid to explore some of the fundamentals of movement such as directing their weight and using their center of gravity – things that come naturally to us but do require training as an infant or toddler. Two of the best rocking toys for two year olds are:

Best Ride on Toy For 2 Year Old Reviews

1. Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Rocking Pony Review

This is a cool model for a number of reasons, the main reason being that it can be switched from a rocking horse-style toy for your youngest children and turned into a riding horse on wheels for children a bit older! This conversion can be done without tools and ensures that your kid will be able to use it – and, more importantly, interested in using it – beyond their second and third year.

The pony also features a voice box – if you push on the ears, it’ll play either a song or speak one of six phrases to help your kid expand their vocabulary and appreciation of music. During the voice expressions the mouth opens and closes, fully synchronized with whatever song or phrase is playing. (Bonus: there’s a parental volume control to turn down the voice if it’s annoying you.)


  • Doesn’t just improve dexterity but also improves vocabulary
  • Converts to a toy that can be used for many years
  • Soft material makes it enjoyable to touch


  • Pretty expensive

2. UFREE Large Mechanical Rocking Horse Toy Review

UFREE’s created something quite innovative here – a horse that can move and walk around without the need for any batteries. The device is completely mechanical and moves when your child bounces up and down on the saddle, triggering a mechanism that moves the legs forward.

This is great for enhanced training of dexterity and coordination as well as multitasking. It’s also suitable for all age groups, starting as young as two. There’s different saddle attachments included that can even support (light) teens or (very light) adults.


  • Different saddles allow for different age groups to enjoy this toy
  • Uses no battery while also not relying on foot power
  • Soft material
  • Very entertaining and creative product


  • Price

3. Little Tikes Crazy Coupe Foot-Powered Car Review

Little Tikes has been one of the leading contenders in foot-powered toys for many years and for a good reason. They pioneered this design – the iconic little car that sports your toddler and allows him or her to move the thing by running his feet along the ground.

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This particular model has a lot of cool features included. The floorboard is removable which can provide a whole new level of adjustability in comparison to other makes by the same brand. The floor being in means that your kid’s feet will be safe, but also means that you’ll have to push them around. Taking it out allows them to power the toy themselves.

There’s a handle on the back to provide an ease of access for parents pushing or pulling their children. One of the rear panels also contains drink holders so your child can stay hydrated while they’re out running / riding about.

There are a few cute additions to help introduce your child to the function of automobiles – a push “ignition” switch that they can pretend turns on the car, and an opening and closing gas tank that can teach them about the need to fuel vehicles.

The thing supports up to 50 pounds and isn’t very big so you won’t be able to use the same toy as your child grows. You also have to put the toy together yourself.


  • Easy to learn
  • Removable floorboard to switch up the experience for younger and older kids
  • Storage compartment holds toys or drinks


  • Requires assembly
  • Will be outgrown with no choice to remodel it as your child grows

4. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal 2-in-1 Ride-On/Trike Review

This could be considered both a foot powered toy and a pedal toy but since its construction looks like it’s more meant to be a tricycle; we’ve listed it as a pedal toy.

It’s made for one-to-three year olds and the difference in age comes from the fact that it easily converts from a foot powered unit (you can take the pedals off the wheels and have your child scoot around on it) to a pedal-powered unit by simply attaching hem.

The device is made out of steel coated in a strong plastic meant to withstand even the craziest toddlers. There’s a built in storage unit that, while not huge, can support a few toys or stuffed animals or a drinking bottle.


  • Converts from a foot powered to a pedal powered toy with ease
  • Made of strong durable material
  • Has a storage unit to hold your child’s favourite toys


  • Not the most comfortable

So which one’s the best?

Since each of these toys is so different from the rest, it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your purchase.

For a general purchase, we’d recommend the Rockin’ Rider Pony for a couple reasons. First, it’s easily convertible from a rocking horse into a mobile, wheel-powered unit that your toddler can scoot around on. This is extremely convenient because instead of having to go out and buy a wheeled unit after your child outgrows the rocking horse, you can just switch it up.

They’re also comfortable for your child to use and easy to learn. This makes them ideal for both younger toddlers and intermediate ones who are beginning to understand movement and display physical dexterity.

Hopefully, this info helps you make a good decision for you and your child!