Best Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk of 2018 & Buying Guide

The truth about bottle warmers

It’s true – you don’t need to have a bottle warmer to survive the first years of parenthood. It is not a must-have. But here’s the other truth – it could make those first years not just survivable, but much easier.

If you are juggling the task of warming at least two bottles a day among other things and if you are especially concerned about the quality and temperature of the milk that your baby is getting, then you might find it convenient to purchase a bottle warmer. Bottle Warmers are designed to heat a bottle – easily and with consistent quality. If anything, a bottle warmer is a time saver.

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Facts about temperature of breast milk

Breast milk starts deteriorating in terms of quality at approximately 40C.The ideal temperature for milk for babies should be approximately at 37 C, which is an average body temperature. This is why finding out the best options to achieve the heating of the milk is significant.

Microwaves are to be avoided at all costs when it comes to heating baby’s food – whether it be formula or breast milk or purees. The focused heat generated by a microwave can result in dangerous “hot spots” in both liquids and solids. If not properly mixed, checked or cooled after, this could hurt the baby’s tongue or mouth. Furthermore, microwaves will likely heat breast milk above 40 C which, as mentioned, the temperature where nutrients and overall quality deteriorate.

Three Ways to Warm a Baby Bottle

The nightly routine – baby wakes up, crying and hungry. What do you do? Do you grab the baby first and then warm the bottle or warm the bottle first and allow the baby to wait?

  1. One of the ways to warm a bottle is to place it under warm, tap water and allow it to flow on the bottle. A word of caution: not to wait until it’s too hot.
  2. Second way is to place or immerse the bottle into a bowl of warm water with occasional stirring of the bottle. A word of caution: not to wait until it’s too hot.
  3. The last option is to use a bottle warmer. You follow the instructions on the manual, place the bottle or bottles inside and let it do its magic.

Those are the three scenarios when it comes to bottle warming. The first two obviously requires constant or close monitoring. Some parents are okay with this and find the hard work rewarding but some find that it is too difficult while being half asleep and trying to calm a hungry baby. 

The Best bottle warmer gives your hands freedom to focus on the baby – to cuddle it, to change its diaper or clothes or beddings. While others find that convenient, others find making space for another device inconvenient. It is a personal decision for parents and only they can determine if it is worth it.

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The one key word for bottle warmer is convenience. While it is not necessary, bottle warmers really make everything else in the average day with a baby more efficient.

Things to consider if you are buying a bottle warmer

There are a variety of bottle warmers in the market. They differ in shapes, sizes and mechanisms or technology used – others use steam while others use warm water bath.

Prices aside, here are some things to consider first before purchasing a bottle warmer:

1. Compatibility

  • This refers to the size and shape of the milk bottles that you have or will be using. They need to be a perfect fit with the bottle warmer.  If you are not yet decided what kind of bottles you will get or if you want to be able to warm up froen breast milk in bags, too, you can look for bottle warmers that has a universal warming chamber instead of those with bottle inserts. That can accommodate baby food in jars too.
  • This also refers to what kind of milk the bottle warmer can accommodate – formula, breastmilk or both. Keep in mind that the process for warming formula milk is different from the warming process required for breast milk.

2. Speed

  • Speed refers to the speed of the warmer to heat the milk. Since the primary selling point of warmer is that it is time efficient, it would only be practical to check just how fast the warmer heats up. Additionally, since the composition of breast milk is sensitive to change in temperature, it is important that the warming takes just the right amount of time to avoid overheating.  Some bottles have warming options from hastening warming the milk or just allowing it to “stay warm.”

3. User-friendliness

  • If you’re going to buy a device, you expect it to make your life easier so instructions and operation should be straightforward. Dials or options on the warmer should be easy to read and understand, allowing users to use it intuitively.

4. Maintenance

  • Over time, some mineral deposits can build up in the warmer. It is important to keep it clean in order to maintain its quality and to keep it fully functioning, especially since it affects what the baby consumes constantly. Look for a warmer that is easy to clean – with few parts that need disassembling for cleaning and where set up is not too complicated.

5. Portability

  • This is something to consider especially if you have an on the go lifestyle or if you plan to travel with the baby or predict that you may need to travel with the baby. Keep in mind that not only should the warmer be portable in these cases but power supply requirement should be flexible too.
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6. Safety

  • Find a bottle warmer that has safety features such as an automatic shut off feature when the preferred temperature has been reached already. This helps prevent overheating. Another safety feature to watch out for is having the capacity to automatically shut off when the water level has decreased below a specific threshold. Lastly, a “keep warm” feature is very useful especially when you get sidetracked by other tasks while waiting. This feature prevents the milk from getting cooled again.

7. Space requirement

  • The warmer is another appliance. Therefore, if you’re getting one, might as well look for one that doesn’t occupy too much space.

8. Add-ons (if any)

  • Other features that parents could appreciate are a warmer that gives a type of signal once the bottle is warmed up.
  • Some warmers can be used as sterilizers not just for the bottle but also other small items such as pacifiers. This helps guarantee the cleanliness of baby’s items.
  • Other warmres have a night-light, allowing you to do everything without stumbling but keeping it low key without having to turn the high blast lights on.
  • Some models come with a bottle cooler, too. This gives parents the options to store one or two bottles of milk in the same room of feeding. You can easily take out a chilled bottle from the cooler and store it into the warmer to start the heating process.
  • There are bottle warmers that exhibit a technological innovation like being able to use bluetooth to control the bottle warmer.

Best Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk 

1. Goloho Bottle Warmer Review

If you have big bottles, make a double look at this one because it only fits small bottles with extra-wide bases. It’s quite environmental friendly with its stainless steel warming chamber instead of using plastic.


  • Has three features for its warming settings: there is one for warming breast milk, one for warming food and one is for sterilizing pacifiers.
  • Warming milk just takes about 6-7 minutes


  • It can’t accommodate the more popular wide-neck bottles

2. Chicco NaturalFit Digital Baby Bottle Warmer Review

This gives a lot of warming options. If you are the type to bank on brand name credibility, Chicco definitely has it with years of work on baby products and childhood development. It’s one of the more popular baby brands in the world.


  • It fits different bottles nicely
  • Beeping feature that signals when it’s done is convenient


  • It takes some time to warm up – bottle needs to be in already before baby’s feeding time to be ready
  • There is no option to use it outside the United States
  • Its buttons are not so easy to use; needs to be pressed hard to start working

3. Maxx Elite “Gentle Warm” Smart Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer Review

If you’ve heard about this product, you may have heard that it has been improved since its first launch. So if you’re the type who appreciates innovation or ongoing improvement in terms of product quality, this may be the brand for you.

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This bottle warmer boasts that it can keep the milk warm for a long period of time. It warms fast but keeps it in the right temperature to preserve the much-needed nutrients and vitamins of the baby.


  • East to maintain when not in use: unplug after using, empty, dry with a towel and add water again
  • Lives up to its promise of keeping the milk warm for a long period of time
  • Has a shut-off button


  • The night light cannot be turned off: it automatically is lit when the room is dark
  • Instructions are not comprehensive i.e. It doesn’t state that Express Warm feature can be used for the milk as well
  • There is no alarm or sound when the warming is done

4.Nuby One-Touch 2-in-1 Electric Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer Review


  • It’s easy to use sterilizer for bottle and pacifiers
  • Sterilizing feature
  • Portable and space-saving: can be brought along on travels


  • Inconvenience: The power button is not an actual power button but a type of light that goes off when the unit is unplugged.

5.Baby Brezza Safe and Smart Bottle Warmer Review

This bottle warmer is flexible as it offers two options when it comes to warming: the steady and the fast. The steady warming option is for breastmilk while the fast warming option is for formula milk. The steady mode uses water to warm the bottle to the right temperature while the fast option for formula milk uses steam.

This bottle knows how to keep with the times so if you are keen on innovative products, you should consider this because it comes with a free Bluetooth compatible app that allows customers to control their warmers. The app also signals the end of the warming.


  • It has two warming options: steady and fast
  • It’s easy to use
  • It is space-saving


  • The Bluetooth feature doesn’t work well because the bottle warmer shuts itself for awhile so the connection is lost


Parenthood is already daunting as it is without having to thin about all the processes that have to go with it – for instance, warming milk. You may want to go the old fashioned, traditional way of putting your bottles of milk in water or swirling it around by the sink.

That works especially for people who can afford the luxury of time. It also adds to the feeling of working hard for your baby. But if you want to allot that time for some other tasks, then you should consider purchasing a bottle warmer. It makes things easier.  

If you do decide to get one, make sure that it doesn’t double the work for you. Make sure that it doesn’t require you to constantly look at the water, monitor if it’s going to the right temperature, etc. Convenience is the word that buyers have used to describe what it’s like to have one. Perhaps that will be your reason too.