Best Brands For Kids Scooters of 2018 & Buying guide

Scooters are a great way to introduce your young one to the world of mobility! They’re good for training endurance, dexterity, and for introducing young ones to their bodies and the way they move.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose a good scooter – there are so many made for so many different reasons that it can seem like you’re sifting through millions of possibilities just to find the right one. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just fall back on a reliable brand, but if you’ve never bought a scooter before, then you’re kind of in the dark.

We’ve looked through many different scooter brands to help you decide which one is the best for you and your kid.

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  • Other scooters have a metal guard over the back wheel that the user has to push down with their foot to slow the scooter down. These are a bit scarier but are also better at helping the child build dexterity.
  • Some scooters – often budget varieties – have no brakes at all. These require that you push your foot down on the actual wheel – more scary, but not necessarily a bad thing. A good brand should have scooters with all varieties of brakes.
  • If your child is going to be riding on concrete, if you live in an urban area or a suburban area with lots of sidewalks, you’ll probably want to get polyurethane wheels. Whether you want big or small wheels is up to you – big wheels are recommended for younger riders
  • If you live in a rural area or somewhere with cracked sidewalks, or if you live near big rolling fields and want your kid to be able to explore the grass with his scooter, get one with big, puffy UV wheels
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So what brands make the best scooters?

It took us quite a bit of digging, but we relish in saving our readers time. We’ve determined that the following brands are the best in the scooter market. Each brand brings their own blend of affordability, reliability, durability and ease-of-access, and each has a wide variety of different scooters available for sale.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. RAZOR Review

​If you’ve read any of our other articles on scooters, you’ve undoubtedly seen the name RAZOR pop up more than once. There’s a reason for this – RAZOR makes a variety of universally-loved, durable scooters.

Some of RAZOR’s low-end models are junk, but their higher-end models are revered for their technical prowess, their speed, and their innovative approach to riding. RAZOR takes the most pride in building both pro scooters and battery-powered scooters for kids. This means that the brand is best suited for families who are financially stable.

Unfortunately, RAZOR’s scooters aren’t known for being the most reliable and tend to break down after a while. If their products didn’t come with a warranty, this would completely nullify them as a good company. Even so, it’s important that you maintain your RAZOR scooter and do regular check ups on it, lest your kid ride it right before the wheels are about to fall off!


  • Known for making quality pro scooters and electric scooters
  • Has budget options available
  • Lots of products come on a warranty


  • Not known for building the most durable products
  • Expensive

2.Madd Gear Review

Madd Gear is known for building a wide variety of push scooters (two and three-wheelers) and pro scooters. They’re known for using quality materials in all parts of the scooter, from the foundations to the very bearings on the wheels.

Madd Gear scooters have a variety of different functions available. They have a line of folding scooters that can be compacted for easy storage.

  • Some of the highest reviewed pro scooters come from Madd Gear and they continually receive praise for making easily controlled, lightweight pro scooters.
  • Their push scooters are known for being extremely durable and fast – kids love them.
  • Madd Gear recently revamped their company’s outlook and started building extremely high-quality scooters. However, they didn’t stop producing their older versions. It’s a good idea to check the release date of a Madd Gear scooter before buying it because some of their older ones are notorious for being low-quality.
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  • Makes great scooters and is considered one of the leaders in the scooter industry
  • Builds a wide variety of scooters for different purposes
  • Uses quality materials
  • Known for building very reliable pro scooters


  • Some of their older models are terrible but they still make them, which could lead into you accidentally purchasing a bad scooter

3.Grit Review

GRIT is known for making scooters for riders of all different skills. They make a line of entry level scooters that aren’t generally respected by serious riders, even for training. These entry-level models are usually found in toy stores, which immediately indicates that they shouldn’t be taken as seriously as ones you can find at specialty shops.

However, they do have more expensive models that good for introduction to the sport. For example, the GRIT Atom is a scooter with PU wheels, a good amount of safety features and a great, small build which is perfect for beginners.

GRIT continues to offer scooters from beginner to professional levels. Their professional scooters are pretty expensive, but they come with things like flex-brakes, durable metal-core wheels, soft and sturdy grip tape – you name it.


  • Makes scooters for all levels of skilled riders
  • Uses high-quality parts and features on their models
  • Wide variety of styles of scooters
  • Makes great pro scooters


  • Expensive
  • Some of their models can be considered too toy-ish to be used as a serious scooter

4.District Review

District isn’t as old of a brand as some of the previous contenders, but they know what they’re doing.

District is known for providing scooters that are incredibly lightweight without sacrificing any of the quality found in heavier scooters. They’re especially meticulous when building their decks, ensuring to use quality griptape without adding a ton of weight.

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District’s scooters tend to last their users quite a few years, even when they’re being used to the max. Even if they’re a bit more expensive, they’ll last you quite a while.


  • Makes very tough, long lasting scooters
  • Manages to make all their models quite light
  • Very carefully designed
  • Their scooters are fast


  • Expensive

5.Phoenix Review

Phoenix is a brand that caters to both extremes in the skill spectrum – they make fantastic entry-level scooters and great pro scooters that can take a beating.

Their decks are known for being extremely durable, though not always the most lightweight.

Their scooters (even their beginner ones) can take a bit of getting used to, so it’s suggested that you don’t buy a Phoenix scooter for your kid unless they’re already fairly experienced.With all this quality, Phoenix scooters manage to be quite affordable.


  • Inexpensive compared to other brands
  • Long-lasting and durable scooters
  • Known for their quality decks


  • Few lightweight models

Which brand is the best?

Madd Gear is probably the best brand out of these for the general scooter rider. They make models for beginners, intermediates and experienced pro riders; you can introduce a new rider to a Madd Gear scooter and they’ll undoubtedly love the experience, so you can continue to stick with the brand.

Their models are known for being durable and strong without adding too much weight. Of all their products, their lines of pro scooters are their most well-known and respected. They bring lots of innovation to the field and make very fast scooters that are great for doing tricks in.

A common misconception is that pro scooters should only be used by pros, but this isn’t true. Sometimes a pro scooter is the best option even for someone who’s just using it for riding, and Madd Gear’s a perfect example of this. Their pro scooters are great for riders of all skill levels!