Britax Convertible Car Seat Reviews Of 2018

The kids car seat market is a big market and there are a lot of different companies making products of vastly varying quality. What this means is that unwitting parents can end up buying a bad car seat if they don’t do their research first.

Doing research on dozens of different companies takes a lot of time though. We’ve already weeded through a lot of the bad ones and instead, we’re focusing on the brands that you should consider buying. Britax is one of these brands.

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What makes Britax a good brand for kids car seats?

You may know Britax as a brand that actually received some bad press attention a few years back. That’s good – it means you’re paying attention to car safety!

If you haven’t yet heard, Britax took this opportunity to completely revamp their outlook and their product line. Since then, Britax has been known for developing some of the most innovative new safety features for kids car seats – many other brands try to recreate the things that Britax has pioneered.

So what does Britax do?

Britax’s standard safety features

Britax acknowledges that head injury is the leading cause of lasting damage in the unfortunate incident of a car accident. This has resulted in them paying careful attention to head safety.

Their revolutionary head safety systems do many things. They can lower your kid’s center of gravity, strengthen the seat or the connecting foam during an impact, and distribute the energy and force from the crash. This minimizes the movement of your child’s head and thus the chance of serious injury.

Their safety features include:

  • SafeCell technology in the seat base. SafeCells compress during an impact, absorbing a ton of the force generated. This lowers your child’s center of gravity and lowers the chance of them taking damage from the impact.
  • Steel bars are integrated in their seats that provide a firm connection to your car’s seat.
  • BRITAX’s energy-absorbing versa-tether minimizes the forward motion of the seat during an impact and also minimizes the chance of rotation, greatly hindering the chance of injury.

Their side impact protection system is integrated in varying degrees depending on the seat you buy. Their minimum is the simple Side Impact Protection System which consists of a hard shell and foam that distributes crash force out and away from your child’s head.

What about comfort?

Britax says that your child’s comfort is almost as important as safety. If they’re safe, but uncomfortable, then the ride’s going to be uncomfortable for everyone since the kid will be crying the whole time!

Britax’s seats typically include some unique comfort features as their standard.

  • Rear and front facing reclining adjustments to allow your child the best angle that they can enjoy.
  • Adjustable and multiple buckle positions to suit your child as they grow
  • High-density comfort foam to, well, be comfortable
  • A lot of their seats have additional, and sometimes optional, safety features. For example, some models have curtains that can be closed during daylight, or cup holders that can be machine washed.t1
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How easy are Britax seats to use?

Britax strives to make their products easy to transport, easy to use and easy to install, claiming that they respect the parent’s busy lifestyle and that parents don’t always have the time to make complicated adjustments when they’re driving their kid every day.

  • Britax uses LATCH connectors which are popular in a ton of different car seats. They make the installation simple and feature a push-button release for instant use.
  • Built-in lock-offs for the lap and shoulder belts, which ensure that you can easily lock or unlock the straps to remove your child with ease.
  • An anti-slip base is contoured to minimize damage to your car seat while ensuring that the seat stays in place
  • Harness holders ensure that the harness stays safely in place when inserting or removing your kid.

Britax also carries a guarantee that all of their convertible car seats are certified for use by the FAA for use on airplanes in the United States.

What variety does Britax have?

Britax has a ton of different car seats available. Since they revamped their company, they’ve been pumping out a huge variety of infant seats all the way up to children’s seats, boosters and everything in between.

  • They have infant car seats with a weight range of around 25 to 35 pounds maximum. These seats are rear-facing and very portable, making them easy for switching from car to car.
  • They have front facing seats for toddlers who have outgrown rear-facing seats. These have varying weight ranges. They also have booster seats which aren’t actually entire car seats, but are instead small boosters that allow your child easier access to the car’s seatbelt so they can learn to use it.
  • They also have convertible seats that combine the best of all these things. Some of their convertible seats can be changed from rear-facing seats to front-facing and to a booster seat – all in the same unit. Convertible seats are great for saving money because they eliminate the need for buying new car seats at every stage of your child’s growth.

Britax also makes a wide range of strollers for kids. We mention this because many of the Britax car seats are actually usable as stroller seats, which can be another big cash saver as long as you use Britax products.

Britax is known for providing excellent products in terms of safety, comfort and ease of access. With all this, though, it’s only natural that Britax’s seats are directed toward the higher end of purchase prices – Britax knows that the quality they assure comes at a price, and they’re not going to undersell any of their product lines.

So which Britax seats are the best?

We’ve certainly given you enough information in regards to why Britax is a good brand, but even after finding a good brand, there’s more research to do. Each brand will have dozens – maybe even hundreds – of different models available. Which ones should you choose?

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If you’re okay with the fact that Britax’s seats are a bit costlier than other brands on the market, then keep on reading, because we’ve already done this research for you. Below are Britax’s best car seats that are on the market right now – each one an impeccable blend of feature, function and fashion.

Britax Convertible Car Seat Reviews

1.Britax E9LJ63R Marathon 65-G3 Convertible Car Seat Review

The Marathon line was first introduced in 2002 and proved to be a big hit; this is another example of how Britax can continually expand and innovate on their old products to create better versions without fail.

This version includes a no-rethread harness with varying levels of adjustability. This makes it both easy to use, easy to convert without a big complicated procedure, and easy to adjust for comfort and safety. A lever on the top of the seat allows for quick height adjustments.

The seat has a removable cover that’s washable, meaning you can clean your seat without having to deal with a lengthy disassembly. It also uses the EZ-buckle system, which, as the name suggests, makes buckling your baby up a breeze.

The Harness Ultra Guard System (with the adorable acronym HUGS) keeps your baby extra safe and comfy by adding padding to to the inside of the harness.


  • Lots of unique safety features
  • Lots of attention paid to comfort
  • Rebuilt version of an already successful model
  • Ease of installation, transportation and removal


  • Straps tend to twist easily

2.Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

This car is the main marketing face for the ClickTight system, which is a convenience developed with the intention of making it a breeze to click your toddler into the seat. All you have to do is fit the strap over them, click it shut, and you’re good to go!

It makes use of SafeCell impact systems. SafeCells are little things in the base that absorb the shock in case of an impact. This restricts the forward motion of your toddler, minimizing the chance of head or neck injuries caused by intense forward swings.

This car seat makes ample use of side impact protection by providing a hard outer shell that’s layered with soft foam on the inside. The head protection foam is easily adjustable for comfort as well as safety. The harness has 14 positions and the buckle has two positions which can easily accommodate kids of varying size and shape.


  • Introduces the ClickTight system, a revolutionary convenience for easy safety
  • Uses SafeCell impact protection in the base of the seat
  • Great side impact protection


  • Not the most durable seat – may fray after a year or so

3.Britax Boulevard (G4.1) Convertible Car Seat Review

This is a convertible car seat with a maximum front-facing weight limit of 65 pounds – nothing spectacular, but the great parts about this seat aren’t focused on its weight limit.

This unit uses SafeCell technology not just in the base to limit the chance of forward motion in an impact, but also in the side impact protection foam. The harness is easily adjustable in ten positions, the buckle in two positions. There’s an easily removable washable cover that makes cleaning this seat and keeping it looking fresh very simple.

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The seat is very easy to install using LUAS connectors that easily lock into place. It meets not just American safety standards, but international standards as well.


  • Uses SafeCell technology in the entire unit instead of just the base
  • Uses LUAS connectors for easy installation
  • Built for maximum comfort and safety
  • Easily removable, washable cover for convenience
  • Has a three-position recline to suit your child’s comfort
  • Good for smaller cars; the seat doesn’t take up tons of space
  • Extra-soft foam padding to keep your kid comfortable


  • Fits awkward around the legs of younger children
  • Only holds up to 65 pounds front facing – no booster seat and not a whole lot of growing room

4.Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight Review

This chair has three layers of side impact protection – a hard outer shell formed by a deep, foam shell with double layers for comfort and safety. The base and the steel frame are both made to absorb as much impact as possible in the event of a crash, which minimizes the chance of having an injury in an accident.

This chair uses on-off anchor systems for the installation and removal process, which makes the entire situation less of an ordeal and more of a simple process. The harness adjusts to 9 positions using a no-rethread system for added convenience, which allows you to continually adjust the chair without needing to rework all your previous effort.

It’s also developed with comfort in mind – there’s an adjustable recline for your toddler, there’s soft foam and soft fabrics and there’s cup holders and storage space for your child’s toys or books.


  • Uses the LATCH system for easy installation
  • Higher weight limit than standard models (from Britax or competitors)
  • Adjustable to whatever height suits your toddler
  • Great side impact protection
  • Easy to switch from car to car


  • Wider than the average competitor seat, may be difficult to fit in small cars
  • Fairly heavy compared to other models

So which one’s the best?

That’s a tough choice – Britax is loaded with tons of good models. Today we’re going with the Britax Boulevard G4.1 – there’s so many features packed into this seat with a reasonable price that it deserves the top spot on our list.

The ample use of SafeCell Technology and side impact protection are reason enough to consider this chair; when you realize that Britax offers these safety features without compromising your child’s comfort, then you realize why we’ve chosen it as number one.

On top of that, the unit’s small and not too heavy, so it’s good for families using small cars. It may not have the highest front-facing weight limit – but the price compensates for this, and the safety features available at this price make it tough to ignore.