Best Scooters For 2 – 3 Year Old of 2018 & Buying Guide

Let me first say – congratulations to you for raising your new child to walking age! Now you’re going to enter the exciting period of mobility where your child has much more free range of where it can go and when.

This can be both an exciting and scary time for you! Fortunately, with the advent of mobile toys like scooters, this can also be a tremendously exciting time for your toddler. It can be difficult to determine what the best sort of scooters are for kids this young, especially when buying at the store – which is why we’ve taken the liberty to do it for you.

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Once you’ve attended to all the necessary safety procedures, you can make a more concrete decision on which scooter to buy. You can understand the needs of your child, and thus the perfect scooter to buy, by answering a few questions.

What’s your child’s age? We’re looking at scooters for kids between two and three, so it’s quite simple – don’t buy a scooter made for an older child! Most makers of scooters make them with the age of the children who will be using them in mind, and many have a suggested age on the packaging.

A three wheeler or a two wheeler? If you’re buying a scooter for a young toddler between two and three, you’re going to want a three wheeler. The extra support makes it far less likely for your child to injure itself as well as providing additional support so they can train their dexterity better.

Is my child ready for a scooter? This can be debatable when your child’s at such a young age. Basically, if they’re not ready to fully support themselves as they walk on their own, then they’re not going to be ready to scoot.

Brakes or no brakes? Some scooters don’t have brakes and require that the rider manually slows down my using their feet to slow the speed of the wheel. This can be a bit difficult for a young toddler so it’s best to get one with its own brakes.

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Electric or manual? This depends on what you want your kid to learn from the scooting experience. If you simply want them to have a chance to explore the world and adventure, then an electric scooter would be fine. If you want them to gain some strength and better dexterity then you’ll want to get them a manual. We’d personally recommend a manual as their first scooter because they’ll take more knowledge and experience from it.

  • If you live in a suburban or urban environment then you will be okay getting a scooter with smaller wheels.

Best Scooters For 2 – 3 Year Old  Reviews

1. Micro Mini Kick Scooter Review

This is an innovative scooter that’s essentially a surfboard on wheels. Made by a Swiss company, this scooter intends to teach children about the way they can distribute their weight for swifter movement and better range of motion. It does this by requiring that the toddlers lean into their movements instead of just relying on turning the handlebars.

The scooter has three wheels – two in the front, one in the back – that are all made of high grade, durable polyurethane. This means the wheels will last a long time.

The deck is wide enough to support even the biggest kids and is covered with flexible fiberglass that ensures a long-lasting, easy-to-control scooter.


  • Innovative movement style that requires your child to learn how to shift their weight
  • Polyurethane wheels will last a long time
  • Flexible grip tape ensures a good grip
  • The deck is low enough for your child to right themselves after a drop or falling out of balance


  • Some children may find the movement system difficult to master

2. Radio Fly “My First Scooter” Review

The name is indicative enough that this scooter is made for the youngest toddlers.

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The base is wide enough to support toddlers of any weight while providing a very easy range of motion for them to control. The scooter is a three-wheeled version that supports up to fifty pounds, which means it’ll likely last your toddler into childhood. The handles are made with a special ergonomic design that allows your child to easily control the direction they’re moving.

The scooter comes in two varieties of colours – pink and red, for girls and boys, respectively.


  • Ergonomically designed handlebars ensure an easy turn for your toddler
  • Safety is the first priority that the makers of this scooter had in mind
  • Large turning radius


  • Only two colours available

3. Razor Jr. Folding Toddler’s Scooter Review

The structure of this scooter is made from strong steel and aluminum, while the base is made from polypropylene. The structure and base combine to make this one of the most durable scooters that you can buy.

This scooter has three wheels as well but in this model, two of the wheels are at the back. This makes it very sturdy and easy to control while also making it simple for this scooter to be folded up! You can stash it easily in the house or in your car without taking up a significant amount of space.

The handles are also made with soft foam which allows your child to develop a good grip without hurting their hands.


  • Extremely strong and flexible design makes for a great range of motion
  • Built out of durable materials
  • Three wheeled design for added safety and stability
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Fairly heavy

4.  YBiKE GLX Child’s Scooter Review

This is another three-wheeled design which makes it ideal for youngsters who are just learning to get on their feet. The deck is reinforced with ABS which adds an entirely new level of stability for your child; it also has a series of raised grips to enhance the safety of your child when riding.

The unit supports up to 44 pounds, so it will still be usable by your child as they grow from toddlerhood to childhood. The rear wheel is thicker than the front ones to ensure matching control and stability, and the structure of the scooter is made of aluminum so it’s not super heavy.

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  • Lightweight
  • Extra safety grips on the deck
  • Control is balanced through different wheel sizes


  • Not the strongest model

5. Globber 3-wheel Scooter for Toddlers Review

This is a great scooter with an innovative design and solid structure.

It’s also one of the most adjustable scooters on this list – the handlebars can extend or contract depending on how tall your toddler is, and the design supports a whopping 110 pounds. Your toddler will be able to use this up until early teenagehood, if they want!

The unit makes good use of polyurethane to ensure a strong support structure and the handle uses a latching system to make easy adjustments between 19 and 23 inches. Another interesting addition is the directional lock button, which ensures the scooter doesn’t turn left or right while being ridden. This allows your child to master control of the unit without having to worry too much about controlling direction.


  • Unique directional control button allows for easy learning
  • Polyurethane ensures that it meets standards of quality
  • Can follow your child throughout its childhood
  • Easily adjustable


  • One of the more expensive models on the list

So which one’s the best?

Despite the difference in price, the Globber 3-wheeler is the best option on this list, if not only for the fact that its maximum weight and height capacity ensure that your child will be able to use it for years to come. It can also be shared between toddlers and children alike so you don’t have to buy multiple scooters.

The directional control button is also very convenient because it allows your child to gain a better understanding of how to balance their weight and movement without having to direct their focus on both of those things as well as steering the thing.